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About GlamTribal


Welcome to GlamTribal Design, created with love for humanity by Anne Enke, founder of the 12 yr. old website AnneofCarversville. 

Made in America

Our products are all designed by Anne and made on the East Coast by Anne and American artisans paid fair trade wages. 


GlamTribal is born from Anne's decades long attachment to Africa, in particular East Africa centered in Kenya, moving across Lake Turkana into the Omo Valley region of southern Ethiopia. 

The trajectory of GlamTribal came to a dead strop the first time Anne saw Hans Silvester's images of the Omo Valley people, a group of small tribes whose very existence and lifestyle will most likely become extinct. 

A huge influence on Anne for decades is the young British-Kenyan photojournalist Dan Eldon who was stoned to death in Somalia on July 12, 1993. The coincidences that continue to bring them together are mind-boggling. Anne tells these stories on AOC and we will fill in the links to her writing in this GlamTribal Design overview. 

Evolution of Humanity + Rise of Monotheism

An interest in the evolutionary origins of humanity and the now accepted science that all humanity evolved out of Africa -- although not exclusviely East Africa -- is embedded in Anne's DNA. As recently as 50 years ago, scientists believed that humans evolved from multiple global locations simultaneously -- giving rise to numerous debates about the superiority of one genetic heritage over another. That theory is defunct among all but the white nationalists, based on global scholarly research. 

In her honors thesis at New York University -- before the Internet made research so much easier -- Anne investigated the rise of patriarchal institutons, and especially monotheism. Today, much more information about the downfall of women around 10,000 BC is readily available.

This entire subject is suddenly very much on the minds of people again, as the Trump administration seeks to turn back the international rise of women's rights. Foreign Policy wrote on March 14, 2019:

The U.S. strategy—detailed in a confidential 96-page draft text under negotiations by delegates to the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) obtained by Foreign Policy—underscores the degree to which President Donald Trump’s administration is moving further away from traditional democratic allies on social and cultural matters. Instead, Washington is increasingly aligning itself with Persian Gulf countries such as Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq; Malaysia; and some conservative African nations on a range of issues including questions surrounding protections for LGBT individuals and women’s health issues.


A women's rights activist with a strong commitment to girls education globally, Anne uses her influence and AnneofCarversville as a strong advocate for women's issues.

Anne leverages a near-universal love of style and adornment among people and her strong fashion background credentials to seduce readers/viewers. Using timely, beautiful fashion images to draw Internet traffic to AOC, Anne then tries to influence shared mindsets about American and global issues that threaten our shared futures.

Anne has always been a strong civil rights advocate in America, and is inspired by the cultural design fusion that today represents American culture. 

Elephants & Woolly Mammoths

There is no stuffed elephant that Anne remembers in her childhood. But she bought a patchwork one at a shop in the New York Catskills in her earliest New York years. Since then, Anne is relentless in writing about elephants and raising our consciousness around the threatened survival of these majestic, matriarchal  animals. 

In 2013, then First Lady Michelle Obama wore a beautiful necklace of wolly-mammoth beads to a conference on elephant conservation. As a result, Anne became deeply immersed in the history, extinction and current effort to clone the woolly mammoth. Our Woolly Rising bone and decoupage beads collection is like no other one online.